The firm started operations including metal and plastic material cutting, welding of small, medium and large items and locksmith production in its own premises in 1992. Subsequently the business activities were extended into the area of repairs and modernization of machines. Currently beside the above mentioned areas our key activities involve development, projection, construction and production of single purpose machines, instruments, appliances and facilities. We further specialize in general repairs, modernization of older machines, their revitalization and entry into operation as well as in production of assembly fixtures for various industry branches.

Our activities include preparation of primary draft design (draft study) followed by preparation of the production documentation, the production and the assembly while using modern hydraulic, pneumatically (air) operated and electronic systems. We also provide customized manufacturing and production of machine units and components for various industry branches including small and medium size work pieces and weldments.

In cooperation with our business partners we also provide finishing and heat treatment such as hardening, cementing (carbonization), zinc coating (galvanizing), nitriding, carbonitriding, chromium hard plating etc.

Modern 3D Solid Edge software helps us to successfully design and realize the projects.